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17 June 2010 - BonusBall is finally out! Feel free to download and try!

7 May 2010 - New game coming - BonusBall, classic color lines

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About BonusBall

BonusBall was created in spare time as a hobby project. You can download and play this game for as much as you like free of charge. Your enjoyment of this game is our reward.

Thanks to the attractive hosting plan from our hosting company, the download bandwidth is now unlimited which means we can offer this game as a free download to any number of users.

How we created this game

Two of the themes were created free of charge as a gift by two artists: Tomislav Matovina & maYam. The "Flowers" theme was created by Eugene. The BonusBall icon was drawn by another artist: Grnlvbug.
The sounds used in BonusBall were taken from the sound sample library,

However we did pay our programmers hourly wages to make the game based on the graphics we had. If you enjoyed this game just as much as we did when we made it please consider giving a small donation of $5 or €5 or £5. Your donation will motivate us to make more free games! Donating is easy - just click the button below to be taken to the PayPal page.

The idea of the game is not new. It was invented by Oleg Demin. You can read more about the history in this WikiPedia article.

The programming is done in C++ using OpenGL library for game graphics. All work is done in Visual Studio 2008.

BonusBall is a casual game. What is a casual game?

Developed for the general public and families, casual games are video games that are fun and easy to learn and play. The games are platform agnostic, meaning they can be played via the Internet, PC and Macintosh computers, Facebook, Xbox, PlayStation, iPhone, Nintendo DS, Wii and even mobile phones and PDA. They’re nonviolent, arcade-style games that involve puzzles, words, board and card games, game show and trivia. Popular games are Mahjong, Tetris, Solitaire, Bejeweled, Mystery Case Files, and Farmville - according to Casual Games Association



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