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17 June 2010 - BonusBall is finally out! Feel free to download and try!

7 May 2010 - New game coming - BonusBall, classic color lines

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How to play BonusBall

BonusBall is a classic color Lines game with very nice graphics. It is a puzzle game for players of all ages that encourages logical thinking.

Download BonusBall (2.2mb)

Here is a short YouTube video demo of how we play BonusBall:

The aim of the game is to prevent the board from filling up by strategically aligning 5 objects of one color into a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line which will instantly disappear. You can only move one ball at a time by clicking on it and then clicking on the cell where you want it to be moved. This is how you build the lines:

Moving balls can block each others road. With every turn you may move only one piece and only if there is a clear path to its destination.


Three more pieces appear on the playfield randomly after each move, unless you removed a line. You receive points for every removed line. Aligning more than five pieces gives you even more points but it is risky as you might not be able to complete the row if a new ball appears in an unsuitable place.

Remember that you get more points for:

  • Removing more than 5 balls at a time
  • Playing on a harder level (you can change game level in Game menu - Settings...)

The game ends when the playing area is filled and no more moves are possible.

Download BonusBall (2.2mb)

Tips for playing

  • The trick is to lay balls in directions that will prevent colors interfering with each other
  • Remove colored balls from the board by placing them in the rows (or blocks) of five or more
  • Longer lines give more points to you
  • Build lines near the edge of the board to allow more room to maneuver game pieces through the middle
  • Try to move as few game pieces as possible - make good use of pieces that appear near each other
  • When moving a piece out of your way to make room for another line, move that piece to a location where you will be able to use it later
  • When positioning pieces to complete a line, move the furthest pieces first, since they're the most likely to get blocked as more pieces appear
  • Feel free to change the difficulty setting. You can do this by opening settings window (Game menu - Settings...)

Download BonusBall (2.2mb)




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